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Our Mission

Welcome to the heart of our ministry! 

Hearts of Devotion LLC is a minority-owned, faith-driven charitable limited liability company based in the Washington, D.C. area that aims to serve God above all else, and to serve His people with a heart of love and compassion.

We are looking to meet matters of the heart through simple acts of service in the local and global community. Love, sense of belonging, and comfort are just a few of the significant human needs and desires. Our organization intends to seek out ways to meet those needs and others in subtle yet profound ways.

Hearts' pledge is Serving the Community...Wholeheartedly. The mission and vision of Hearts of Devotion, includes spiritual, emotional, and professional guidance through fellowship, mentorship, and community service.


Hearts of Devotion LLC will:

  • Provide opportunities for investment in spiritual development and growth through devotional study groups, prayer retreats, and faith-driven online content and events

  • Collaborate with organizations to host annual Compassion Projects to support underserved communities in their time of need

  • Create self-care and self love events and activities to boost the morale and esteem for women of all race, colors, and creeds

  • Execute mentorship programs for young women to provide tutelage and professional development opportunities but more importantly, to build legacy

“My prayer is that our “business hats” never overshadow our compassion and pledge to the community, but more importantly our love for God.”

The Heart of Our Founder, Christine Brown

Our Mission

To grow our faith and personal relationships with God through a lifestyle dedicated to devotion to God, fellowship with our sisters in Christ, and service to our community with heart-impressionable moments. The heart of our mission is to:

  1. Love God 

  2. Love Ourselves, and

  3. Love Others

Our Vision

To leave long-lasting heart impressionable moments, strengthening communities of women through Hearts Strings across the country and abroad.

You Can Help Us Bless Others!

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